It is a abominable acquaintance to lose a adolescent and tears are afford whenever I apprehend of it happening. But again I attending at the acceptance of the parents and accept why the tragedy happened. They adoration apocryphal gods and are accomplishing the plan of 666, which is adjoin the Spirit of the Universe, the absolute God. The New Testament, which was produced by Jerome, the ‘doctor’ of the Catholic Church in the backward 4th Century has debilitated the Old Testament description of God in Isaiah 45:4-8.

God is one and there is no devil, angels, or saints and yet these things accept pride of abode in the lives of many. Having apprehend an commodity by one who preaches about Jesus Christ and who has absent his babyish son I was not afraid to see that he is so committed to this apocryphal god.

The Catholic Church was accustomed by Constantine, an emperor who was worse than Hitler in his activities. He murdered, enslaved, maimed, and annihilated absolute armies and the families of added Caesars in his advance for sole rule. His adoration was started to force anybody in his authority to attach to his orders. Abounding who would not adoration the angel of Christ that he put up had their eyes gouged out with swords and wounds seared with baking pokers.

Is this the man whom humans wish as their God? Those who chase the religions built-in of him (Christian and Muslim) are beneath the avengement of the Spirit, and yet they can’t see it.

My reincarnation proves that heaven and hell are belief and they were acclimated by Constantine and now his cohorts to get humans in and accumulate them there. Anybody who has lived is aback and that agency that abounding are still ashore with the apocryphal gods. The a lot of religious are punished forth with those who contrarily insult, blaspheme, ignore, or could cause affliction to the Spirit. One has alone to attending at what the Muslims are traveling through in their home countries to accept that.

The Catholic Church started the Muslim annex of itself if the Vatican commissioned Augustine to acquisition a man whom they could about-face into a ‘prophet’. He came up with Mohammed, whom he after accomplished while the Church instructed kings and leaders to accede him as such. The Romans had no acquaintance with or account for the absolute God, the Spirit of the Universe, but acted according to their Islamic roots.

So if one suffers a tragedy of any affectionate they should attending to their acceptance and what they accept in.